A Timber Gaga Ball Pit, painted in bright colours with Australian Animals - Painted by Australian Artist Mulga.

Mulga Painted A Gaga Ball Pit!

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Timber Gaga Ball Pit in Malabar NSW Painted by Local Artist Mulga

Got a Gaga Ball Pit at your school? Sweet. Got a Mulga-painted Gaga Ball Pit? Now that’s something else!

We installed a Gaga Ball Pit for Malabar Primary recently and were delighted to hear (and see!) it being painted by artist, Mulga. It 100% takes the cake for being the coolest Gaga Ball Pit in Australia. We managed to catch Mulga and Shana, principal of Malabar Primary, for a quick chat about the entire process and how their Gaga Ball Pit has impacted their school even just in its early days.

We interviewed both Malabar Primary School and Mulga The Artist to get the low down on this beautiful collaboration!

Timber Gaga Ball Pit in Malabar NSW Painted by Local Artist Mulga

Malabar PS: What made you decide to get an artist to paint your Gaga Ball Pit?

We had previously used Mulga for a mural at the top of our school and when deciding how to decorate the Gaga Pit we thought he’s artwork was the perfect fit to coordinate the top and bottom playgrounds of the school. Mulga’s artwork is exciting and intriguing for the kids. It adds colour and vibrancy to the the school grounds. The beach themes are fitting given that the school is located near Malabar Beach.

Malabar PS: How did you find out about Gaga Ball?

I am originally from Tasmania and I holiday there with my kids every school holidays. We often go over to the school and play Gaga Ball with their cousins. Sometimes there’s a whole bunch of us. I loved that everyone and any age could get involved and knew I wanted to introduce the fun to my own kids school at Malabar.

Timber Gaga Ball Pit in Malabar NSW Painted by Local Artist Mulga

Malabar PS: Could you share how you gathered the funds to pay for the Gaga Ball Pit and/or Mulga's art piece?

Our P&C work very hard with on a range of school events such as a Movie Night, School Disco, Colour Run, etc that all helped to contribute and raise money for the Gaga Pitt and Painting by Mulga.

Malabar PS: What does the community think of the Gaga Ball Pit and Mulga's contribution?

So far we have had a very positive response from the Malabar Public School Community. The kids are excited to play it and the teachers are keen to get amongst the challenge! The artwork was super exciting to watch the progress everyday! The kids would all stand and watch Mulga paint - some keen to get a signature! Everyone was stoked with the outcome!

"The Gaga Pit has added a new level of excitement to the school for sure!"

Timber Gaga Ball Pit in Malabar NSW Painted by Local Artist Mulga

Malabar PS: How have you been using your Gaga Ball Pit? Are you getting multiple games/uses out of it?

The kids are given class time slots to use the Gaga Pit. If they were allowed to use it at anytime we would have every kid in there! I believe there has been a mix of games played.

Malabar PS: Would you have any words of wisdom for other schools considering getting a Gaga Ball Pit?

Absolutely do it! Every single member of the community can get amongst the fun which is what makes it so great!

"The service from Gaga Games was outstanding. We were well informed at all times, the cost was reasonable, the delivery and set up was excellent! I highly recommend working with this company!"

Timber Gaga Ball Pit in Malabar NSW Painted by Local Artist Mulga

Hey Mulga; Tell us about yourself and how you got involved in this project?

Timber Gaga Ball Pit in Malabar NSW Painted by Local Artist Mulga

Visit Mulga at mulgatheartist.com.au

I started my working career in the financial planning industry and after ten years realised it wasn't the thing for me. I've always loved drawing and decided to get more serious about it in 2010. Two years later I had my first art show and started selling tees at Bondi Markets on the weekends while working my office job during the week. I started painting murals during this time and in 2014 I was able to go full time as an artist. I collaborate with a lot of cool brands like Samsung, Coca Cola, Red Bull, Lego. I actually just collaborated with Adidas and Rebel in October 2023 on a range of products with the profits going to Lifeline. I've painted murals at over 80 schools and sell a range of merchandise on my website. I'm just having fun doing cool art for whatever pops into my inbox.  

I painted a mural at Malabar Public School a few years ago and they must have liked it so they reached out about me painting a bunch of classroom doors and their new Gaga Pit.

Timber Gaga Ball Pit in Malabar NSW Painted by Local Artist Mulga

Mulga: Did Malabar have a set idea for your design or was it a collaboration between the school and yourself? How did you arrive at the final theme/design?

It was more of a collaboration but I mostly had free reign with the design, my previous mural at the school was a beach scene as the school is right by the beach and my favourite thing to paint is summer inspired colourful character art so that's what I went for. After some small requested changes from the school we were ready to rock.
Timber Gaga Ball Pit in Malabar NSW Painted by Local Artist Mulga

Mulga: Were there any fun reactions from the onlooking kids during/after the process?

The kids at schools are always so enthusiastic and positive when I'm painting and it's always a great time. I signed lots of autographs and there was quite a few questions about what it was, as they had never seen a Gaga Pit before, I told them it was a dodge ball pit.

Mulga: How long did it take you to paint the entire Gaga Ball Pit?

It may have been around 4 days in total, I had some rain causing me grief for a few days but I got there in the end.

Mulga: Any advice on how to keep it looking great?

A clear coat of varnish would definitely be the best bet to protect it from sun and dirt and kids.

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