Gaga Ball Pits

Gaga Ball Pits

Join the fun with Gaga Ball, the perfect game for all ages and skill levels. Easy rules and a blast to play, it'll delight your community and bring positive outcomes such as building resilience, fostering relationships and boosting social confidence.

Gaga Ball Pits by Gaga Games. A Range of outdoor and indoor permanent and portable  Australian Made Gaga Ball Pits.


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Portable Gaga Pit made in Australia from sustainable Hoop Pine Plywood, perfect for temporary indoor and outdoor games and events such as parties and out-of-school-hour programs.

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Early Adopter Customer Reviews

Darley Primary School, VIC

The Gaga Pit has been a huge hit with the kids, who absolutely love it. They've been having so much fun that at times, it's felt like we needed a sign-up roster! The pit has brought so much joy and excitement, that when we had to close it for 24 hours for painting, the kids really felt its absence. It's amazing to see so many smiling faces thanks to the Gaga Pit.


Malvern Central PS, VIC

We're thrilled at the impending arrival of our Gaga Ball Pit! The kids played in one at a school camp last year and were eager to bring the fun back to our school. After researching options, we found Gaga Games and couldn't be happier to work with you to bring this exciting, cost-effective addition to the kids' play area.


Essendon Fields, VIC

After our kids returned from school camp raving about this game of Gaga we tried for 12 months to source builders who could complete the works with minimum fuss and within a budget. We were so happy to find Gaga Games and your easy solutions! We can't wait to get our Gaga Ball Pit installed soon! The kids are going to be so happy!


About Us

Meet the Stones family behind Castle & Cubby & Gaga Games, a beloved Australian play business. With 10 years of experience, we've honed our skills crafting high-quality play products for families, schools, and businesses. Our unique approach creates products that foster social and emotional connections. Let us bring the WOW factor to your play experience!"


What are the Rules of Gaga Ball?

Gaga Ball rules: hit opponents below the knees, dodge, catch, last one standing wins. 

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What size Gaga Pit is best?

Discover the optimal size for your space and kids ages with our comprehensive guide.

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Are Gaga Kits easy to DIY?

Our Gaga Kits are designed for 2 handy people to assemble with power tools in just 2-3 hours.

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Where did the game of Gaga Ball originate?

Gaga Ball originated in Israel as a youth camp activity, now enjoyed worldwide.

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What's the best surface for a Gaga Pit?

On any level surface like grass, mulch or concrete & bitumen, with considerations.

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What are the play benefits of Gaga?

Gaga Ball boosts kids' social, emotional and cognitive growth by building connections.

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