Clifton Hill Primary School Gaga Ball Pit

Gaga Ball at Clifton Hill Primary School - VIC

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We were lucky to have the opportunity to install a Gaga Pit into this inner city Melbourne Primary School to be used as our testing ground for installations directly onto Bitumen. As a new business it is imperative that we personally experience the installation process, see the product performs first hand in the initial weeks/months and get feedback on how it performs over time.

We had done a lof of research into the best ground preparation for Bitumen surfaces and artificial turf is where we landed,

Megan Smith is the fantastic Principal at Clifton Hill and shares her experience in welcoming a Gaga Games ball pit to the school below.

Gaga Ball is encouraging kids to get outdoors
Running to play Gaga Ball
Kids playing in a portable Gaga Ball Pit

Interview with Clifton Hill Principal, Megan Smith


How have you found the quality of the build/pit?

The quality of the pit is excellent. It is robust and sturdy, which it needs to be to survive the number of kids desperate to play the game.  


How did the kids react to receiving the Gaga Pit?

The students are over the moon. They were so excited to see a new addition to the school playground and were very receptive to learning the game through their PE lessons. There are crowds at the pit during recess and lunchtime – so much so that we have had to allocate year levels to each day of the week.


How have the kids been interacting with the Gaga Pit and with each other in using it?

The kids were quick to learn the rules and it is great to see kids who wouldn’t normally play together interacting and cheering one another on. We have grade 6 students monitoring the play and helping younger students learn and follow the rules. It provides a fantastic opportunity for the kids to be active and engaged with one another.

Kids playing in a timber Gaga Ball pit in Melbourne

What outcomes do you hope/expect having a Gaga Pit will have on your students?


We hope that kids continue to enjoy playing Gaga as it promotes physical play. We are seeing kids who were usually sedentary during these periods actively engage in physical activity throughout all of lunch and recess. It is also providing an opportunity for cross age play which we do not often see in the playground.


Any funny stories of what you have witnessed so far?


I have loved seeing our students dragging their parents into the pit to play the game with them before and after school!

As the Principal, being asked to bring along my runners so I can play Gaga ball with the kids at lunch time.  


Parents reaction?


Parents are intrigued with the game as they are hearing so much about it from their kids. They are more likely to come into the grounds and watch their children play before and afterschool due to the interest and excitement of their kids.


Teachers reaction?


Teachers are loving seeing how the kids are so keen on playing the game.


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