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Australia's Fastest Growing Schoolyard Game!

Get Your Gaga Pit and Create Connections Through Play.

Two children standing seriously in a Gaga Ball Pit, one is holding a Gaga ball, ready to play, posing for the camera.

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Have you heard about Gaga Ball?

Gaga Ball is a dynamic blend of handball and dodgeball. It started in the 1970s and has increasingly captured the hearts of players worldwide. The rules are straightforward and gameplay engaging, making it a favourite among players of all ages and abilities. More than just a game, Gaga Ball encourages active play and builds community.

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Gaga Ball Creates Important Connections

Gaga Ball is not just a game, it is a healthy and fun way for kids of all ages and abilities to improve their social, emotional and cognitive development, physical abilities, confidence and friendships!


Gaga Ball levels the playing field, building community and boosting confidence, whilst supporting growth in physical ability and coordination.

for everyone

No matter what your sporting or physical ability, Gaga is the game that welcomes all! Kids play to their strengths to find a winning strategy.

boosts confidence

Kids can work on their skills, their strategy and competence in the game, which all helps to build self esteem and awareness.

improves learning

Gaga Ball works both the body and their brains. Active play helps facilitate a greater capacity and readiness for learning in class.

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DIY or Full Service Installation

Our Gaga Pits are designed as versatile kits, requiring no prior approval, easily relocatable, and simple to install - either DIY by you or by our team.

For the DIY enthusiasts, we offer comprehensive DIY Gaga Pit plans, complemented by personalised phone or video chat support. Alternatively, if you prefer a hands-off approach, our experts can handle the installation on any type of surface.

preparing for a gaga pit
Two Gaga Games representatives installing a DIY Gaga Pit kit at a client's location.

our Gaga Pit benefits

Budget Friendly

The perfect way to spend fundraising and grant funds.

No permission needed!

Non-ground penetrating design means no approval!

Free shipping!

We ship to most Major Metro areas for FREE!

money back guarantee

Returns within 30 days receive a full refund.

easy diy + support

Super easy install with video or phone support!

full installation service

Or we can do it all for you (major metro areas only).

How we get around

Gaga Pit Kit Deliveries

We deliver our products to your location on our own truck and also with our trusted freight partners to locations we can't get to. No matter where you are located, we're here to help make your Gaga Ball dreams come true.

Protecting your Gaga Pit investment

Care and Maintence

For optimal performance and for a stylish finish, consider sealing your Gaga Pit! Now we're not suggesting you need to get Mulga to paint your Gaga, but a simple application of paint or stain will make it look nicely finished.

our client stories

Clifton Hill Primary School

We've had our Gaga Pit from Gaga Games for over 12 months now and it has remained the most popular game at our school by far. Used by kids before and after school, for sports classes, during recess and lunch, and as part of our OSHC program.

Mentone Primary School

The Gaga Ball Pits have been such a huge success at Mentone Primary that after we installed our 1st and we saw how many kids wanted to be playing every day at all year levels, we added another 2 Gaga Pits!

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East Ivanhoe Primary School

Students are working together, playing by the rules, learning how to take turns and learning that when you are out it's not the end of the world. We love that the older students are teaching the younger students how to play.


founder story

About Us

We are the Stones family, Kellie, Jon, Jethro & Shepard, and for 10+ years we have been manufacturing timber based play products for Australian families, primary & secondary schools and early learning groups.

We started our first business Castle and Cubby in 2013 in our backyard and since then we have grown to become a well known and loved brand in the education space.

Jon's dad was a High School Principal for 20+ years for the Dept. of Education, so we know first-hand how important quality products and service are to educators and we take the job of being the best at this seriously!

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The family owners of Gaga Games and Castle & Cubby, featuring Mum and Dad with their two boys aged 12 and 10, all dressed in branded company clothing, smiling for the camera.

articles to inspire you to go gaga

The ultimate Guide to Gaga Ball

Explore the essentials of Gaga Ball in our Ultimate Guide! Learn about its origins, the variety of Gaga Pit designs, and installation tips. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, our guide provides all the information you need to set up your own pit and start playing.

Schools Guide to installing a Gaga Pit

Discover the key steps for installing a Gaga Ball Pit at your school in our comprehensive guide. Covering everything from surface preparation to tools & materials required. Our guide simplifies the process to help you quickly set up your Gaga Pit Kit.

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School Grants to Support Gaga Ball

School Grants are an excellent way to help implement much-needed programs and initiatives in Australian schools. Find out more about how the Active Schools Framework helps to drive physical literacy, and how installing a Gaga Ball Pit fits perfectly in the realm of this grant!

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