Mentone Primary School Join the Gaga Gang!

Mentone Primary School Join the Gaga Gang!

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Victorian Primary School are most definitely leading the charge in Australian Schools adopting the game of Gaga Ball into their daily play and sports activities, Mentone Primary School is one of our latest VIC schools who have installed not one but TWO Gaga Ball Pits, it's like they knew how popular it was going to be and wanted to avoid the queues and rostering system. Alas, I'm not sure they have been able to avoid those realities though.  

We have been so thrilled to see their Instagram posts and Reels showcasing the fun the kids are having and tagging Gaga Games with a big shout out has brought pride to our team. Hearing about how it has changes the school warms our whole team's hearts.

We love our jobs of creating play products for Australian families and schools, with our other business Castle & Cubby and with our new Games based business Gaga Games!

A new Gaga Ball Pit area for Mentone Primary School in Victoria

Mentone Primary School preparing their school yard for a new Gaga Ball Pit
Mentone Primary School preparing their school yard for a new Gaga Ball Pit
Mentone Primary School preparing their school yard for a new Gaga Ball Pit
The new Gaga Ball Pit for Mentone Primary School

A total redevelopment of this space was already in order to maximise this side of the school space and we won't lie, installing a Gaga Pit on this pristine new surface was a dream!

How the Gaga Ball Pit is going for Mentone Primary School

Well if Mentone Primary School's Instagram Account is anything to go by, it's all fun, games and physical activity for these kids with their new Gaga Ball Pit. What a joy to see their fun videos and see their feedback. THANK YOU Mentone PS - You were a joy.

Watch their video here:  

What are the benefits of having a Gaga Ball Pit in your school?

Engaging in Gaga Ball play offers numerous benefits for schools. Firstly, it promotes physical activity among children, ensuring they are energized and ready for optimal learning. The fast-paced nature of the game keeps kids active, improving their overall health and well-being.

Furthermore, Gaga Ball helps build confidence and resilience in students. The inclusive and non-elimination nature of the game allows everyone to participate and experience success. This fosters a sense of accomplishment, boosting self-esteem and encouraging children to take on challenges with a positive mindset.

Additionally, Gaga Ball provides valuable opportunities for socialisation. As a group activity, it encourages interaction, cooperation, and teamwork. Students learn to communicate effectively, negotiate rules, and develop important social skills. These interactions create a supportive and inclusive environment, promoting friendships and a sense of belonging among peers.

Gaga Ball play in schools delivers multiple advantages. It gets kids physically active, enhances their confidence and resilience, and facilitates socialisation and relationship-building. By incorporating Gaga Ball into school activities, educators can promote holistic development and create a positive and engaging learning environment.


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