Fundraising Fun with Gaga Ball

Fundraising Fun with Gaga Ball

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School fetes hold a special place in our hearts, don't they? They are an embodiment of nostalgia, community, and the joy of our school days. The giggles of children, the aroma of freshly baked cakes, the sizzle of sausages on the barbeque, and the sight of teachers getting dunked in water – it's all part of the magic. At Gaga Games, we've embraced this enchanting tradition and taken it up a notch with our Gaga Ball Pits. In this blog post, we'll share our story, the journey of our business, and how we're about to turn our school's fete into a Gaga Ball extravaganza.


Children playing with balloons at the park

The Heartwarming Traditions of School Fetes:

School fetes are more than just fundraisers; they are a celebration of community. Kids get to spend quality time with friends, parents pitch in with their time and talents, and everyone leaves with cherished memories. The scent of nostalgia, intertwined with the laughter and joy, is what makes school fetes truly special.

Getting Involved, One Way or Another:

Parents, teachers, and principals – they all play their part. Parents bake cakes, set up stalls, and serve icy poles. Teachers and principals, in the spirit of good fun, allow themselves to be humiliated in dunk tanks and pie-throwing contests. It's a time to bond and raise those much-needed funds for the school.

Gaga Ball Pits built with Australian timber to last outdoors

Our Gaga Games Journey:

Our journey at Gaga Games has been a family affair. Jon and I, along with our boys Jethro and Shepard, have been on this adventure together. We installed a Gaga Ball Pit at our kids' school, and it quickly became a hit. Even after almost a year, the excitement hasn't dwindled, with kids taking turns to enjoy the game.


Gaga ball pits where children are running into it

Gaga Ball at the Fete:

This year, we've decided to do something unique for our school fete. The school initially asked us to remove the Gaga Ball Pit to make space for fundraising stands and fun rides. However, we suggested incorporating it into the festivities. Now, we're excited to announce that Jon and I will be running the Gaga Pit stand, with year-level heats, winners, and prizes. The entry fee for the game will contribute to the school's much-needed funds.


Elevate Your School Fete with Everyday Activities:

Looking to enhance your school fete with everyday activities like Gaga Ball? Here are some ideas to inspire you:


Children participating in Gaga Ball Tournament using Gaga Games' products

1. Gaga Ball Tournament

Organize a Gaga Ball tournament using the Gaga Ball Pits from Gaga Games. Participants can form teams or compete individually. The last player or team standing wins prizes. This action-packed game will not only entertain the kids but also keep parents and teachers engaged.


2. Sack Race Relay

Host a sack race relay where teams of students, parents, and teachers compete while hopping inside sacks. Set up a relay course with obstacles to make it more challenging. The team that completes the race in the shortest time wins accolades and perhaps a trophy.


Children hopping inside sacks to complete sack race relay
Children playing tug of war competition

3. Tug-of-War Competition

A physical challenge that has sparked the interest of mankind for thousands of years, you can't beat a good old fashioned tug-of-war! While we no longer play the game to train warriors, it sure does make for some Fete fun.

4. Dunk Tank Challenge

Turn the tables on the teachers and principals by setting up a dunk tank challenge. Allow students, parents, and other attendees to take aim and dunk their favorite (or not-so-favorite) school staff members. Charge a fee for a certain number of throws, with the proceeds going toward the school's fundraising goals.

A dunk tank challenge with teachers and kids
Kids running towards a Gaga Ball pits to hunt treasures

5. Treasure Hunt Adventure

Create an exciting treasure hunt with clues hidden around the school grounds. Students can team up with their parents to decipher the clues and follow the trail to find hidden treasures. Include a variety of prizes for different age groups or categories, making it an inclusive and entertaining activity for all.

These five ideas will add a lot of fun and excitement to your school fete, making it an unforgettable event for students, parents, and teachers alike.

In Conclusion:

At Gaga Games, we are eagerly anticipating our first Gaga Ball Pit Fete Event. We hope our journey has inspired you to incorporate Gaga Ball and other everyday activities into your school fete. These events not only raise funds but also create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds within your school community.

We invite you to explore our Gaga Ball Pits to take your school fete to the next level. Get ready for a day of fun, laughter, and fundraising, all wrapped up in the magic of a school fete. Shop our Gaga Ball Pits and make your next event unforgettable!

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