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The Benefits of Gaga Ball for High School Transitions

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Gaga Games creates confidence in the High School setting.

From the years of working with Schools, and listening to the challenges of teachers, parents, and students, we have gained a solid understanding of the importance of transition into school, both primary and secondary.

Children of all ages need to feel comfortable and have a sense of familiarity within an environment to be able to develop and display confidence. Once this is achieved they can continue to thrive in that environment!

That's where our products (both Gaga Games and Castle & Cubby) are now becoming such an integral part of transition programs. The Gaga Game provides that sense of familiarity and the comfort of the known.

Why is transition important in High Schools?

Similar to the transition from Kinder to Prep, the transition from Primary School to High School is a huge milestone in both a child's and parent's life. It's something new, it's the next step in life and a relatively unknown environment.

Individuals need to become familiar with an environment to develop a sense of belonging and comfort. Having familiar games, routines, and processes help fast-track this process. Only once an individual is comfortable in a space can they start to develop or display confidence, leading to greater social interactions and learning.

Most importantly, everyone wants to feel happy in the space they spend the most amount of time in and for students, this is school.

How does Gaga help with High School Transitions?

Gaga ball is spreading through the country at a rapid rate, from School camps to recreation venues (such as holiday parks) to primary schools and sporting clubs. Children are getting exposure to the game across multiple aspects of their life. It is becoming the known, the comfortable game to play no matter who is involved. The kids pick up the rules quickly and the game doesn't discriminate against age or skill!

Being such a steady in a childs life then provides them that sense of familiarity when stepping into a new environment for the first time. eg Primary school to High school!


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