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Choosing the Right Size and Height of a Gaga Pit

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Image of Gaga Pit and 2 children playing Gaga Ball

How big and how tall do you go with a Gaga Ball Pit? Let us help you with the decision making process so you get the perfect Gaga Pit for your school or community space.

Hexagonal Gaga Pit

Hexagonal Gaga Pit Dimensions


Octagonal Gaga Pit


Octagonal Gaga Pit Dimensions
What size Gaga Pit to choose?

This question is answered simply by asking yourself how many kids are likely to be playing at any one point and ensuring that the play size isn't too big for the players.

Check how much space you have to give to the Gaga Pit, plus a little extra room for spectators. If you have enough space for both the hexagonal and octagonal sizes then you should go for the biggest size.

These spaces are HUGELY popular and you should expect (as we are experiencing with our early adopter schools) that you will need some sort of roster program to ensure a fair go for all. The more kids that can play means more fun, a better competition and more kids getting a go! If you only have a small space that is OK! The best use of small spaces is to go large with the play outcomes, and whilst you might only be bale to fit 10-15 kids instead of 20-25 the outcomes will still be the same!


61cm Gaga Pit
Gaga Ball Pit Height Comparison 61cm
80cm Gaga Pit
Gaga Ball Pit Height Comparison 80cm

What height Gaga Pit to choose?


Based on research, using our own kids as testers and with feedback from our early adopter schools we are confident with the following recommendations for height.

  • 61cm Height - Best for ages up to 10 years of age or junior primary campuses.
  • 80cm Height [most popular] - Best for overall primary school purposes, ages 10+ and high schools.

If you are seeking a Gaga Pit that best serves an entire primary school then we recommend the 80cm version for better overall play.

We are taking feedback and continuing testing to see if we release a taller version in the future.

How to measure your space for a Gaga Ball Pit


Using the images and dimension information above ensure you have enough space for the unit you are considering + an additional 1 metre all around to enable safe play and enjoyment for spectators.  

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