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What are the rules of Gaga Ball?

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Want to to know the rules of Gaga and how to play? The good news; it is super simple and a game where up to 20 people can play at once. Fun for everyone!

If you're in Australia chances are you haven't heard of Gaga Ball. Gaga the game has developed a fan base over the last few decades in the summer camps of the US and is now starting to make its way into Australian camps and primary schools.

This fun and fast-paced game loved by kids of all ages (and BIG kids) doesn't require any special skill or athletic ability, which is what makes it so appealing.  

The rules of Gaga Ball - Played in Australia

So what are the rules of Gaga Ball?

  1. All players start the game by holding on to the edges of the pit
  2. 1 player standing in the middle throws the ball up in the air
  3. When the ball bounces once everyone yells "Ga"
  4. When the ball bounces twice everyone yells "GaGa" and can rush to the ball to hit it with their hand aiming to knock out other players
  5. If a player is hit on the waist or below they are out
  6. If a player hits the ball out of the pit they are out
  7. If a player who exited catches a ball on the fly out, they can re-enter the game
  8. You cannot pickup the ball
  9. You cannot kick the ball as this counts as below the waist contact and means you are out
  10. You can dribble the ball for just 3 seconds
  11. Last player is the winner

How to get your own Gaga Pit at your school or business:

At Gaga Games we are passionate advocates of improving social connections to assist in healthy childhood development. We are the team behind the much loved brand Castle & Cubby that brings imagination and play-based learning opportunities to families, schools and businesses across Australia. We are parents, builders and dreamers!

We have developed a range of high quality Gaga Pits to suit various sizes of spaces and our kit format means your parent group or community can put one of these Gaga Pits together in a relatively quick time frame. Or our extended network of installers can also help you out.

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