Schools Guide to Installing a Gaga Pit.

Schools Guide to Installing a Gaga Pit.

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If you’re soon to be installing our Gaga Ball Pit Kit in your schoolyard or community space, or are researching what’s involved before making a purchase, our comprehensive guide simplifies the process. Follow our easy steps to assemble your timber Gaga Ball Pit, ensuring a fun and safe play environment that will inspire and entertain kids for years to come.

Choosing the best location and surface for your Gaga Pit.

The good news is our Gaga Ball Pits do not require ground penetration so can be installed on any level surface such as Grass or dirt, Concrete or Bitumen and Existing Artificial Turf.

There are some things you will want to consider though before locking in that location.

  • Consider the Environment: Look for areas with minimal slope and good drainage. Avoid overly shaded areas that can lead to leaf matter clogging up your pit which could remain damp and cause slipping hazards. Plus the extra maintenance might become a hassle
  • Accessibility and Visibility: Ensure easy access for both installation and ongoing use, with clear visibility for supervising adults.

Preparing your chosen area ready for your Gaga Pit.


Grass is the most common surface to place a Gaga Pit and the most cost effective.  

Consideration for Grass:

  • This location will require adding a sand base. If you really don't want a sand base, then you will need to consider another location on artificial turf or bitumen/concrete. See FAQs below for more info on alternative base solutions for grass
  • If you are planning on staining painting or sealing your Gaga Pit consider how easy this will be once it is in place versus applying prior to installation.

What You Need

  • Timber Gaga Ball Pit Kit from Gaga Games
  • A helping hand
  • Your DIY Instructions that were emailed to you
  • Certified playground sand from your garden supplier: See cubic meters required for Gaga Pit sizes below
  • Basic tools like shovels and possibly a rental digger.

Steps to get started: 

  • Prepare the Area: Remove the top layer of grass using a shovel or hire a small digger to save time
  • Level the Ground: If your grass area is sloped, remove extra dirt to create a level surface. This can either be done by hand shoveling (labour intensive) or by hiring a small motorised digger from a local hiring company
  • Sand Base: Lay down 10 centimeters of triple-washed, certified playground sand, which is free from harmful chemicals and safe for children. See our tips below for how much sand you will need
  • Start building: Following our DIY instructions provided via email, start building your Gaga Pit on your prepared area. More details also below.

    TIPS (Pay attention):
  • Consider removing 1 or 2 wall sections of the gaga pit before completing the uprights and capping in those sections, this space can allow a sand truck to back up into the Gaga Pit and dump sand in the middle saving you a hell of a lot of manual wheelbarrow and shoveling over the edges. Trust us on that tip!
  • You do not need to add weed mat under the sand. This will actually create more problems for you later due to sand compaction revealing the weed mat causing it to rip and become a tripping hazard. Simply add more sand when dirt starts showing through. Don't worry active play in this space will ensure no weeds see the light of day
  • It is to be expected that you will need to add more sand at a later date due to compaction
  • Avoiding laying sand and planning on simply leaving the grass? Trust us, it won't work. Grass will not live turning it quickly to a mud pit.


For schools with less outdoor space you can absolutely put our Gaga Pit directly onto concrete or bitumen as it does not require ground penetration.

Consideration for concrete/bitumen:

  • Consider laying a barrier of artificial turf under the Gaga pit for extra protection against scrapes.

What You Need

  • Timber Gaga Ball Pit Kit from Gaga Games
  • Your DIY Instructions that were emailed to you
  • A few bags of playground safe sand from your garden supplier. See this product listing from Bunnings as a guide - 20 kg Washed Sand Bags.

Steps to get started: 

  • Laying turf first: Lay down your artificial turf, joining the seams with glue and tape
  • Start building: Following our DIY instructions and tips below start building your Gaga Pit on top of the turf. You can trim this down at the end
  • Add a little Sand: Add a few bags of washed playground sand and brush it over the surface with a broom evening it out
  • Trim your turf: Using a box cutter.

Tips & FAQs:

  • Laying artificial turf - you will need to join the seams of 2 sections of fake grass as no company provides rolls wide enough for just 1. Grass, glue, tape and tips on how to, can be procured from a wide range of suppliers in your area you'll find by Googling
  • Adding a product called Strap Nails (see link to Bunnings product here) to the bottom of your Gaga Pit base will ensure it grabs the artificial turf and keeps it in place
  • Adding sand as a finishing step when laying artificial turf is crucial for anchoring the turf securely in place, ensuring the grass blades stay upright, enhancing drainage, and providing additional cushioning, all of which contribute to the turf's longevity and natural appearance.


There is not much to consider here! As our Gaga Pits do not require ground penetration you can simply install on top of the existing artificial turf and you are ready to play!  

What You Need

  • Timber Gaga Ball Pit Kit from Gaga Games
  • Your DIY Instructions that were emailed to you
  • A helping hand.

Steps to get started: 

  • Start building: Following our DIY instructions and tips below start building your Gaga Pit on top of the turf


  • You might want to add a little extra sand to the section of turf your gaga is positioned on. Sand provides additional cushioning and this will have been added at the time of your artificial turf installation, but it might be time for a little top up. A few bags of sand brushed over with a broom will do the trick.

Installation steps for assembling your Gaga Pit Kit.

Gaga Pit Kit Installation Steps:

  1. Prepare your area: Following the tips for your surface type above prepare your area
  2. Find your DIY Instructions: These are emailed to you
  3. Unpack Your Gaga Pit Kit: Identify all components
  4. Lay out the components: Laying out your items as per the instructions will quicken the build
  5. Assemble the Base: Lay out the base sections, usually in an octagonal or hexagonal shape, and secure them together
  6. Work in One Direction and Build Upwards: Continue adding layers and securing them until the structure is complete
  7. Finishing Touches: Attach the uprights and capping, and add any signage.

FAQs and More Hot Tips for Installing and Caring for your Timber Gaga Ball Pit.  

Maintenance and Care of your Gaga Ball Pit.

  • Timber Care: Our pits are made from H3 treated pine suitable for outdoor use. You can allow it to weather naturally or apply a sealant or paint for a different aesthetic. Remember, painted or stained timber may require annual maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I move the Gaga Pit later? Yes, the pit can be dismantled and moved by unscrewing the sections
  • Do I need to secure the pit to the ground? No, thanks to its substantial weight, the pit is stable and secure without any ground penetration
  • If we change our mind about DIY can we arrange installation later? Yes of course, our best laid plans sometimes come unstuck. If you are in a major metro area we are here to step in at and help. We will just need to work out our next availability.


With the right preparation and materials, installing a Gaga Games Timber Gaga Ball Pit can be a straightforward DIY project. This guide ensures you have all the information to create a safe and enjoyable play area for children.

Remember we are always available via phone or video chat at any time to help you navigate any tricky sections.

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