Refund Policy

GaGa Games is an Australian-owned family business and our products are built in Melbourne and shipped Australia-wide. You are welcome to reach out to us at anytime to chat about your needs.

If you have a change of mind after placing a purchase we can support a refund within 7 days. After this period a partial-refund may be provided depending on the stage of the order progressing in our system towards delivery. 

We have a high quality product and guarantee that if you have any issues from the hand manufacturing process or through fault from the shipping process, we will repair if we can, and in a rare case where repairs will not do the job, we will absolutely replace the product at no cost to you. 

You are always covered under consumer law however asn respectful and reasonable people you shouldn't expect with GaGa Games to ever need to draw on this. 

We ask that you do your due diligence in researching our business and product first, speaking with our team if you have any questions and making sure you have chosen the correct product for your space and needs. 

Please also be sure to read our care and maintenance guides to ensure you are aware of the care required to keep this product at it's best for the longest time!