Why Inclusive Play Is Important To Us

Why Inclusive Play Is Important To Us

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How an idea led us here

Here at Castle & Cubby and Gaga Games, inclusivity is at the heart of what we do.

When Jon and I founded Castle & Cubby in 2013, our purpose was to create experiences for children where they feel free to get lost in their imagination and to explore the wonders of childhood. A nod back to our own, where screen time was few and far between because adventure occupied our minds.

As parents raising two young boys, Jethro and Shepard, we understand the incredible benefits of active and imaginative play, and believe that all children have the right to feel a part of something magical.

Jon and I have a love for curating and sourcing items that ooze character and style, and it was these shared interests that led us to create an inspiring and individual play space for our first son, all those years ago.

Positive feedback, our child’s response, and the joy of this adventure led to an idea. So we started Castle & Cubby, the business of creating timeless things from sustainable products for little people with BIG imaginations (and parent’s and businesses with great taste).

Fast forward to 2022 where we launched our sister business, Gaga Games. It’s in this space that our passion for active play comes to life creating Gaga Ball pits, whilst leaning into the very same ethos and values that we forged in Castle & Cubby all those years ago.

Play for All

Gaga Ball is a fast-paced version of dodgeball, and is taking Australian schools by storm. No matter what your sporting ability, Gaga Ball welcomes you! It’s within our purpose-built ball pits that kids can burn off big energy, connect with their peers, and build friendships and confidence, while having fun.

We are passionate about creating environments for everyone to play as equals, no matter their ability. This drives us to create well-loved, sustainable products that forge lasting, happy childhood memories.

Our Accessible Ball Pits, which include a wheelchair access gate, are designed to unite communities through the joy of play, ensuring that everyone can join in the fun, regardless of ability. Now everyone can experience the thrill of Gaga Ball without any limitations. 

It's our commitment to creating spaces where everyone feels welcome and included.

You can shop our Accessible range here.

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