GaGa Ball - What is Gaga?

What is Gaga Ball?

Gaga is a game played by children and BIG kids alike, it is a fast-paced form of hand ball/dodge ball played in a purpose built court. We explain the origins and rules.

Known by a few different names Gaga, Gaga Ball and Ga-Ga, this form of dodgeball originated in Israel in the 1970's and adopted heavily by the summer camps in the US it has spread the world from word of the positive experience of players and the evident social benefits.

Kids at a Melbourne Primary School playing Gaga Ball in a timber Gaga Ball Pit

What is a Gaga Pit?

The Ga Ga Pit is a ball court designed in a hexagonal or octagonal shape to contain the game of gaga. It keeps the ball in play and allows the players to hit the ball off the walls to improve their chance of knocking a component out below the knee.

The Gaga Pit is constructed of timber with a short entry point - although players can remove themselves from the sides also. You can read more on our blog post Tips on How to Build a Gaga Pit for more details on the specific

The wall height of a gaga pit should depend on the age of the players. A lot of examples online show gaga pits being waist height, but really a gaga pit should be around 60-85cm tall with the height chosen for the average player age to be roughly on their hip or just below.

How does Gaga Ball Game work?

Players start in the GaGa Pit, an octagonal or hexagonal shaped pit or court. The GaGa Ball is thrown up by one player in the middle, on first bounce everyone yells "Ga", on second bounce everyone yells "GaGa" and rushes to the ball hitting or rolling it with their hand attempting to eliminate other players by connecting the ball with them below the waist. When a player is hit below the waist they are out, but an evicted player can re-enter by catching a wayward ball on the sidelines. This is a game of last person standing! 

We are very passionate about the social benefits of Gaga and its ability to connect people in play. We will be championing GaGa across Australia and bringing 

What are the rules of Gaga Ball? 

  • Players enter the Gaga pit and take a hold of the pit edges.
  • One player standing in the middle throws the Gaga Ball up in the air and when it bounces players yell "Ga", after the 2nd bounce "Ga-Ga" the ball is in play.
  • Players rush the ball hitting or rolling it with one hand towards other players attempting to connect with them below the waist
  • If a player is hit by the GaGa ball on or below the waist they are eliminated
  • Players cannot pickup the ball and throw it
  • Players cannot catch the ball, they may block it and 'dribble' it for 3 seconds, then it must touch the wall or other players to still be in play
  • Players cannot kick the ball - this is a below the waist connection and means elimination
  • If the ball is hit out of the pit, the last player to touch the ball is out
  • If you are eliminated you must leave the Gaga Pit immediately
  • Eliminated players can catch a ball flying outside the pit and re-enter play if they do
  • The last player is the winner and can start the next game
A lunchtime game of Gaga Ball in the Gaga Ball Pit

Where can I get a Gaga Pit in Australia?

Our Gaga Ball Pits are designed and built in Australia from quality sustainable timbers. They come in kit form for easy transport and DIY installation and can be shipped Australia-wide.

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